Singing is all about using your voice to produce sounds that are musical rather than using it to talk. In basic terms singing is kind of the same as talking - here, you simply use your voice to make a different sound that adds melody to the mix.

People sing for different reasons - some do it for a living, some will do it as a hobby by joining a choir and some will simply sing when they feel happy. In fact, it has been shown that singing can have beneficial effects as it can alleviate stress and can even help you increase your lung capacity!

The fact that we can all generally sing does not mean that we can all sing well. Some people cannot easily hold a tune as they are tone deaf. Here, they are basically unable to hear the fact that they are singing out of tune. And, not all of us will sing in the same tone as there are different types of singing voice that we could potentially have. These include:

There are also various ways that you can sing. Some people would never dream of singing outside of the shower whilst others may sing solo, join groups, bands, choirs or even operatic companies.